31Mar '16

Atnahs Acquires Majority Stake in Pharmanovia A/S in Denmark

Basildon, UK, March 31 2016 – Atnahs Pharma UK Limited (“Atnahs”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority stake in Pharmanovia A/S (“Pharmanovia”) in Denmark. Pharmanovia is a speciality pharma business with a portfolio and accompanying pipeline of nice products.

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31Jan '16

Atnahs Acquires Naproxen Suspension in the US

Basildon, UK, January 31 2016 – Atnahs Pharma US Limited (“Atnahs”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Naproxen Suspension from Pediapharm Inc. in a total transaction of US$4.25 million. The product is currently awaiting Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) Supplement Approval regarding the manufacturing site transfer.

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02Apr '15

Atnahs Acquires Naprosyn®, Anaprox® and Toradol®

Basildon, UK, April 2015 – Atnahs Pharma UK Limited (“Atnahs”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Naprosyn®, Anaprox® and Toradol® from F.Hoffmann-La Roche Limited, effective from 31st March 2015. Naprosyn® and Anaprox® are oral treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthrosis (degenerative arthritis), acute gout and acute musculoskeletal disorders. Toradol® is an injectable and oral treatment…

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14Mar '14

Atnahs Acquires Dipentum®

Basildon, UK, March 2014 – Atnahs Pharma UK Limited (“Atnahs”) is delighted to announce that, as part of its on-going strategy of developing the business we have completed the acquisition of Dipentum® from UCB Pharma Limited, effective from 1st January 2014. Dipentum® is an oral treatment for mild active ulcerative colitis and the maintenance of…

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01Dec '13

Atnahs Acquires UK-based Pharmaceutical Group

Basildon, UK, 1st December 2013 – Atnahs Pharma UK Limited (“Atnahs”) is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of UK based Marlborough Pharmaceuticals Limited, Huntley Pharmaceuticals Limited and Alphashow Ltd. The acquisition is the first for Atnahs and is part of a strategic plan to build a global speciality pharma company which…

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